Art Therapy

Art Therapyis defined by the American Art Therapy Association as a human service profession that uses art media, images, the creative process, and patient/client responses to the created products as reflections of an individual’s development, abilities, personality, interests, concerns, and conflicts.

Art Therapy can be inclusive to painting and drawing, but not limited. Christina focuses on the process of creation rather than the end product. She creates each session, whether group or individual, to fit the need of the client(s) (children, adolescent, young and older adults). Christina’s main goal is to help the clients express themselves in a non-verbal way.

A session can include writing poetry, reflecting on music, creating a magazine collage, forming a vision board, or even ripping up paper and throwing it across the room as a person verbalizes their anger.

She really finds creative ways to go above and beyond to meet the client at their emotional, mental, and physical state.

For additional information go to:

The American Art Therapy Association